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Water Heater Repair Services

Diagnostic and safety check of your equipment

Access to over fully-licensed, expert technicians

Fixed-price quote on what it would take to fix your water heater

All parts and labor required are stated - no hidden charges

Access to our 24/7 Support Centre

A call from your technician before arrival so you will know just when to expect us

All work fully guaranteed labor coverage

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Heater Repair

Whether you decide to repair your water heater or completely replace it, Aurora Co is here to make the process affordable and stress-free. Featuring water heater repair and new installations with the latest energy efficient water heaters are all available. We offer a fast and easy means of applying for financing through our clear estimates. Serving the locals for many years, our outstanding reputation has been built by serving our loyal customers with prompt, efficient and courteous service.

Hot water heater problems can be repaired quickly with us as we carry the parts on our trucks and are ready to tackle any water heater. Water heaters usually fail because they are old and abused and have had little to no maintenance throughout the years. If the heater bottom develops a leak the heater cannot be repaired. Have it replaced quickly and save your money with Water Heater Repair Specialists in Aurora Co.

Common Broken Water Heater Symptoms


Common Broken Water Heater Symptoms


Metal Roofs


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Mountain Roof Snow Management


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Roof Maintenance Services

Due to natural elements of weather, the roof and other parts of the house are subjected to wear and tear over time. Even though the process is natural, it can be controlled or slowed down by careful maintenance. Roofing contractors in Lehi Utah is able to provide essential maintenance services like regular treating and cleaning. By doing so, the lifespan of the roof is prolonged and you can get more than what you pay for.


Residential Roof Repair, Maintenance and Inspections

Like many people are under the misconception that you can simply “patch” the part of your roof that is leaking and all will be fine and dandy, you are believing them wrong. The reality is it has to be repaired in the correct manner or you will potentially end up spending much more over the long haul when it would have been easier and more cost-effective to address the issue properly with proper professionals in Utah.


Roof Replacement and Repairs

Many reasons lead to roof replacement. If you buy an old home, that could use a roof replacement and that is inevitable. Roof leaking is another common reason why homeowners replace their roofs. Whatever the case is, it is advisable to hire contractors that offer the best replacement and repair services. Having one trustworthy company that you can call when you need their services is advisable and if you are in Utah, there is no other company than us for you to trust.


Commercial Roof Repair and Roof Maintenance

We provide prompt, certified, accurate and detailed reports along with photos documenting the existing conditions of your building’s roof in Lehi Utah. Our Roofing Company offers highly recommends bi-annual roofing maintenance plans to prolong the life of your building’s new roof. Keeping your commercial roofing systems from failing in the first place in our number one goal.


Metal Roofing Contractors

Metal roofing gives businesses and homes a clean and polished look while providing excellent protection to the structure of your property. Roof Gurus offers a variety of metal roofing styles to fit the style of any home or commercial property. An increasingly popular style of metal roof, known as standing seem metal roofing, is used on residential, commercial, and industrial properties alike. Whether you want to attain a sleek modern look or need better protection for your home or business we are here to help you.



So professional and knowledgeable. Very trust-worthy. They installed my parents’ and my home’s HVAC units with ease.

I had a clog just below my clean-out to my kitchen sink. Availability to come within 1 hour. Was in and out quickly! Super friendly, professional, and advised to ensure the drains stay clog-free. I would definitely recommend it!!

I had my sewer line fixed! Talk about needing someone to help during Covid times. The essential worker is something you can’t live without. I have used them many times for air conditioning heater and water heater. They are an excellent company to do business with.

We have been very pleased with these folks. They’re very knowledgeable and could diagnose an issue that other technicians knew nothing about.

They came quickly, assessed the problem, and got my hot water back. I would recommend them to my friend or colleague.

Quality Roofing Technology

Our roofing professionals use top notch materials, tools, and equipment to provide the best possible metal roofing installation services. We send out professional roofing crews to install your new metal roof making sure to restore any structural damage that may be underneath your old roof.


Roofing Professionals

Our company provides comprehensive roofing services throughout the Lehi Utah area. We work closely with our customers to provide the information they need to make an informed decision regarding roofing services, address any inquiries or concerns and make the roofing process as streamlined as possible. Our skilled team members are experienced in the application of various roof materials, using the most reliable and durable equipment available for installation and repair services.

Whether you are a home or business owner, we know how important it is to keep your property safe and secure. We offer the following services: commercial roofing, flat roofing, metal roofing, roof flashing, rubber roofing, and shingle roofing. You can rely on us to provide you with the best roofing services in your area.


Roof Shingles

Our professional roofing crews are attentive and meticulous when repairing, replacing, or installing shingle roofs, making sure that any underlying wood or other material is removed and replaced if necessary. We can assist home and business owners alike that may need a shingle roof repair or complete roof replacement. Because we carry a variety of shingle brands, our company can provide you with a wide selection of materials, colors, and textures that will enhance the aesthetics of your home.

We install high-quality shingles that can withstand the elements and remain durable over time, which will decrease the need for repair and replacement services in the future. Taking these steps results in the best shingle roof replacement, shingle roof repair, or shingle roof installation that will keep your home or business safe, secure, and leak free.
We are confident that no other roofing company in Utah will provide you with the options and customer satisfaction like that. Schedule your free consultation today and be on your way to a more beautiful and dependable shingle roof.

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Can a water heater leak be repaired?

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